Maintain your gains after stopping a SARMS or steroids cycle. Like anything, All Good things come to an end and you can’t be on forever making massive gains. Okay, so we’re going to discuss the five best, most important things to do to ensure you have the best chance of success on some cycle. Before I get into that I am not anyone’s doctor. So This is just for entertainment and for your own information.

 Do an appropriate PCT, or HRT, based on your level of suppression from the cycle that you’re doing.


So for example, if you’re only taking a little bit of sarms, like a little low dose, low dose, ostarine, RAD at eight weeks, you probably don’t need a PCT, or HRT or any of this stuff, you can just come off and maintain and be fine.


But if you’re taking  high doses for four months straight, You need to do everything you can possibly do to get your body to produce testosterone again.


anything that’s out of your system really quick, like sarms, it doesn’t last in your system for months, weeks, it’s like days inside your system, You should be starting your PCT by a week after you’ve stopped, So you have to allow the product that you’re using to trickle out in your system before you can then encourage your body to produce testosterone. Again, it’s not going to work If it’s already got that cycle in your body and you start.


 Be sure to think about how long it takes for that product to get out of your system.


The longer the cycle, the longer it takes to get out your system. Just think it’s simple. So that covers the first step. The PCT is a must to maintain your gains, If not what in the world is the point of taking a three month cycle, gaining say 15 pounds of muscle and putting your bench of 100 pounds only to them lose all that muscle and all of that strength in the coming weeks.


When you go from taking the steroids or sarms and you stop, you don’t have the same stimulus for growth, It then needs to be replaced with something else that can give you some kind of stimulus for growth. You can’t just take everything in the world, stop everything in the world and maintain all your strength. It makes no sense. It’s not possible.


add growth hormone or if you’re not a millionaire, add MK 677, which does with growth hormone goes it actually is already available, you swallow it. And then it makes your body produce more growth hormone. And this growth hormone has anti aging properties. It’s going to make your skin better your hair better, you feel better, better sleep, and more strength and size and recovery and stamina and everything that gh does for a fraction of the cost.


Okay, So if you’re on SARMSs, and MK is not a sarm. So you stop and you switch to MK you will maintain most of those games. So if you’re on ostarine, or RAD 140 or LGD, and you stop and you add the Mk There, you have a new stimulus, you took out one stimulus, you added another, So now you can maintain some of your gains. And rather than feel awesome for three months, and then feel shitty for three months, you can now feel pretty damn good the whole time. After you’re off the the ostarine for three months, taking MK , go back to the ostarine and then go back to the Mk and go back and forth, back and forth. So you’re going from sarm to some kind of a growth. 


It can provide you with long term growth over the course of months and years. so I would way rather make small gains for a long time, then make huge dramatic gains for three months, and then lose most of it and then be kind of  up and down all the time. Take the lowest dose you can make or take to get results. I know everyone’s in a rush. Everyone wants to be Big . But it’s really better to just hold off and be slow and steady gains and drag it out.


GW501516, that’s an endurance enhancer, If you take out sarms, now you feel like  shit, you’re you don’t have the same energy . But you get GW501516 and you have the increased ability to perform cardio, they’ve improved recovery ability from set to set, You’re going to train harder and better and be loving to your gains because you’re going to be able to push yourself the way you should. You know when you start taking test, you’re gonna be stronger and more aggressive, you’re going to be able to push harder and lift more weight. And obviously that’s going to make the muscle grow more, you take that stimulus away and now what you can’t train is hard. You can’t make the same gains you can’t even keep what you have. But If you add GW to the mix, well you just improve your endurance and your ability to recover from sets and you’re able to push harder and longer. It’s a new stimulus.


You’re in RAD 140- 20 milligrams for 12 weeks, you need to take it out, then you stop then you add in MK 677 and GW and you do that for the 12 weeks, you probably will maintain every single gain you had and potentially even improve more, then that’s going to be done for three months and then you can go back to theRAD140  again and keep the games coming. The gain trains just slow and steady.