Sarms supplements  are research chemicals that are designed to help people with muscle wasting diseases and the  obese, to help boost testosterone and even estrogen   also to help support overall health in men and women as an alternative to anabolic steroids. Research chemicals also called experimental chemicals, legal highs, and designer drugs have become more popular than expected due to the legal status they hold as still being under research but sold as not for human consumption and for scientific research purposes only because they are not approved or rejected by the FDA. Research chemicals have mimicked the effects to popular illegal drugs or controlled substances like anabolic steroids and psychoactive substances. The use of many research chemicals is a bit more risky when compared to more commonly prescribed or older drugs used by doctors and on the street. Its is recommended to use harm reduction practices and by that i mean test as low as possible to test threshold and respect the chemical before it puts you in your place or even worse in a hospital or dirt bed.  The safety status of each research chemical is different due to the lack medical study so there is little to no  information on the toxicity, negative health risks and long term side effects or lethal dosages which leads a lot of people in the hospital or dead when playing with legal highs that some mad scientists are pumping out to fill their wallets. Binging on these types  of drugs are strongly discouraged.

So the research I  began with, was designer drugs becoming more popular worldwide with mad scientists mimicking   Cannabinoids, Stimulants, Sedatives,Psychedelics, Empathogens, Dissociatives, Nootropics, Sarms, Serms, Peptides.

Cannabinoid legal highs have been around for a real long time just never made popular till media put it on blast making everyone want to try it with the end result of an almost world wide ban due to people getting real ill to the point of death or brain damage due the the lack of respect for the drug. Before its  popularity the mass public knew nothing  about  it but was sold on local head shops  mainly used by people who could not smoke marijuana due to legal issues in their personal life. Spice being the gateway drug for chemical designer drugs opened the possibilities for  other experimental chems to take the stage and abuse for people wanting to abuse and show no respect for these research chemicals. Bath salts got popular real quick having people running around like zombies . Don’t  get me wrong there is still a lot of people that show respect for these chemicals that take it to the lab and tread very carefully on testing thresholds.

Nootropics supplements  have received their own lime lite as people call them the smart drug and the key to unlock the brain . Nootropics are synthetic compounds that help you to accomplish your goals through improved cognition, better recall and crystal-clear focus. These supplements came to the scene to help disorders like Dementia and ADD but found a place in healthy people as a brain enhancer allowing people to focus, remember,  Many Nootropics have limited studies in humans, and the brain itself is still a very unknown organ. Despite the promise of many of these compounds, caution should be exerted to a larger degree when supplementing with some of them. Just like any other chemical it should be respected! So this stuff right here is not considered for the long party nights but instead being used to get an edge on the brain and get ahead on focus and study.

 Serms stands for Selective estrogen receptor modulators. They are new types of pharmaceutically-developed androgen receptor ligands that help bring back your ideal testosterone levels after cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids. Made in 1967 serms was originally created for contraceptives and even though it prevented conception in rats it did the opposite in humans showing it successfully induced ovulation in subfertile women and was approved in the U.S for ovary dysfunction for women trying to conceive which led for further uses such as treatment and prevention for breast cancer.

Male bodybuilders, athletes are exploring these supplements as an alternative to testosterone replacement because it has shown to stimulate test in most males restoring it to healthy levels for guys that may have lower than normal test readings. Serms works on the estrogen receptor blocking the effects in certain areas which makes it useful at avoiding or treating anabolic steroid induced gyno aka bitch tits in men.

SERMs bind with estrogen receptors, blocking some estrogen actions while at the same time permitting others. This means their action is different in various tissues, hence the “selective’ descriptor. They selectively inhibit some while stimulating other estrogen-like actions. Compare this to aromatase inhibitors (AI), which block the conversion of androgens into estrogen. In other words, AIs prevent estrogen from being produced while SERMs prevent certain receptors from receiving and responding to estrogen.

Your body is always seeking to maintain balance. When you take a prohormone or steroid, your testosterone levels rise. In response to this, your body signals for the release of more estrogen to balance the increase in testosterone. When you end your cycle, testosterone quickly reduces (since it was artificially raised), but it can take some weeks for your body to react and begin reducing estrogen. For a period of time, your body could be pretty far out of whack, with too much estrogen and not enough testosterone. One of the primary effects of this is gynecomastia (the abnormal development of large mammary glands in males resulting in breast enlargement).

One of the problems with AIs is that by blocking estrogen production, levels remain out of balance and the body keeps trying to make more. Sometimes this can cause a rebound effect, so when the AIs is stopped, estrogen levels spike suddenly. This can result in manifestation of some of the adverse androgenic results. Because of this potential rebound effect, many experienced steroid users prefer to use limited (or no) AIs and instead rely on SERMs to block estrogen effects during post cycle therapy.

Peptides a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, the carboxyl group of each acid being joined to the amino group of the next by a bond of the type.

In the bodybuilding industry the term peptides refers to growth hormones and is frowned at by the World Anti-Doping Agency and prohibited for use by athletes and bodybuilders in and out of competition. Even though it’s still on the rise as an alternative and growing more and more popular due to the availability to steroidsand legal for expermentental and research use.  Inner circles pumping these up as the holy grail to muscle growth  causing mad scientists pumping out new designer peptides to compete with.