You are simply your energy, It  is simply a mixture of your self talk and your actions, and that’s just today. Every day you have a choice to get up and raise your rate of vibration, raise your energy, bring yourself to a level of what you see in your head, who you envision yourself as your highest self. And that’s why I simply say to start off this process, you have to find what you admire in others, and do that, be that become that. It’s that easy.  You have to conduct yourself in a manner you admire, you have to respect yourself to respect your life, nothing is given it’s an eye for an eye energy exchange, you’re creating who you are, when you walk in the room people know, did this bitch get up on time conduct himself right. Does he live a right life or when you walk through and you’re like, look at this shady ass bitch I can tell this guy shady as hell.

Why is it anything else? The guy who decides to  spend his whole life doing shit he likes pleasure chasing and being a bitch.  You can’t hide from what you are.

You are exactly what you do, you want a combination of your daily acts over the duration of time, I could wake up tomorrow and just be a bitch tomorrow, sit with consciousness, gathered my answers from above, Put them out in a selfless manner because we want to see people succeed, the guy who pushes himself in every fucking set. This ain’t  gifted. This is our choice, the guy who wants it as gifted has a timeline on his life

 a timeline is the opposite of being in flow state, it’s the opposite of being in the moment, you’ll never figure out who  you are, you’ll never reach a level of self discovery needed if you put a timeline on your  life, you have to go into these processes, your morning process, who you are, you have to go into this in an authentic manner just bowing down, I want to sit here and I’m just gonna be me I’m just gonna be myself, and then your answers come, and then you earn that vibration level then you push them to levels at one year. one year level three years, 10  years you’re at the 10 year level, you don’t get a level you didn’t earn , walk around with that 10 year strut with that stroll, when you’ve done your first year. You can’t fake that . I can see a half step on a soft ass from a mile away

He just has to be conducting himself in an authentic manner. According to the man he wishes to create, which is constantly changing due to our mental capacity. You have to fucking sit with yourself and find your  answers.