100 mg Laxogenin
50 mg Arimistane
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Buy Post Cycle Therapy

You know how some drug cycles can take a toll on your liver. Forget about that! SARMlabz can help your liver go through the ordeal unscathed.

SARMlabz is known as the leading provider of high-quality SARMs in the United States. In addition to SARMs, we also sell Post Cycle Therapy Capsules. These capsules undergo the same strict quality control procedures our SARMs do. Each one is approved by various independent labs.

Drugs, when used properly, are truly a gift to mankind. There are medicinal drugs that help prevent or treat illnesses. Some supplements can help in gaining muscle or losing weight. However, even when done right, some drug cycles are so tough that they can overburden the liver.

Minimize the negative impact of a tough drug cycle on your liver by using our Post Cycle Therapy Capsules. These capsules help the liver process all kinds of drugs without straining itself. These capsules will protect your organs while your body’s hormones normalize. Your body will regain normal functions in no time.

Our Post Cycle Therapy Capsules also have the added effects of reducing estrogen and boosting testosterone. This will lead to increased strength, enhanced stamina, faster muscle growth, and more.