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1 bottle (60mL) of 4-Andro, dosed at 75mg/mL:

  • Non-methylated. Non-liver Toxic
  • Increase Muscle Tissue
  • Increase Strength
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • 2-Step Testosterone Conversion

Stacks well with:



It is an anabolic agent that converts into testosterone through a two-step conversion after being consumed. It is a derivative of DHEA and is also referred to as 4-DHEA.

The difference between 4-Andro and 1-Andro is that 1-Andro is a dry bulking agent that helps to produce lean muscle gains with little to no water retention. 4-Andro is a compound that converts to testosterone is primarily used as a test base for 1-Andro cycles or any other suppressive SARM like RAD140, LGD-4033, or S-23.



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These products can be harmful, especially to the liver and lipids. Please approach experiments with test subjects utilizing 4-Andro (or any other