I don’t just sell Sarms Supplements I’m a member!  Ha! with that said I don’t just push these products and hope for the best for y’all. I would not tell you to eat something off the floor if I wasn’t  going to do it my self.

I have been taking Sarms Supplements and was scheduled for a random drug test and passed. I have been dosing Rad140 with SR9009 for 45 days with improvement on stamina and quick healing even physical injuries where I got a second degree burn and with in 5 days has healed with in mind accidentally rubbing off the scab while working out. I have been eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning with a banana , for lunch a dry salad with 2oz of chicken and the same for dinner I have lost 7 pounds of fat and while not slimming down have put on more mass tone.

The point of this is you will pass a 5-7 panel drug test if your not running for the Olympics or competing.