Liquid SARMs vs Pill SARMs , There are mixed reactions to both. I’m not a doctor, and I’m not telling you to take SARMs , SARMs are not for human consumption so you’re not supposed to take it. Okay, it’s not for us. Sarms are in liquid for the most part  because sarms are illegal to be sold for human consumption so basically you’re not allowed to like just say, here’s some sarms, it’s in pills,you figure, okay, if they put it in a capsule. It’s kind of obvious that they’re gonna know it’s meant to be swallowed. I mean, if people went to court, and  tried to argue these are capsules and not for human consumption and  it’s all packaged nicely and somebody has 5000 of them for sale , lights and flags go up and off. and you’re trying to sell it for people that experiment on rats and you make these rats swallow these pills  it just looks  suspicious as hell right? 

However you sell it in a liquid form, you know what I mean like the little bottles with the liquid, and it looks less suspicious like it just some tincture, they just poured a bunch of liquid research chemicals and it just seems more or less illegal. Okay, so that’s basically why people are switching to liquids versus pills. That’s just one reason. Eventually it is possible SARMs will become illegal. They will become a class 4 for drugs same as steroids, SARMs are not  illegal. Eventually it will be in a class four because they do work like steroids in the sense that the side effects are similar, especially in higher doses  and some have worse side effects than steroids and some sarms have less side effects  

SARMs come as a powder. The pure form is like powder, the amount you would need to take is is so small that some people dont really know the true understanding of how small these doses are and how effective they can be for better or worse, respect your research anh the research chemicals. So you’re doing a 10 milligram LGD cycle, 10 milligrams, is almost not visible. It’s such a small amount, it’s 10 milligrams. Divide a  gram into 1000 to make milligrams so there’s 100 servings in a  gram of powder READ THAT AGAIN.  Get a gram and break it up into 100 spots. Now, when you take a powder, and you make it into a liquid form you mix it with certain chemicals and then it dilutes it and it spreads it out and you shake it up, and then it’s evenly dispersed so that you know that each drop has a certain amount vs caps and pills   where they mix a bunch of powder in a bin shake it up do you think its evenly mixed well maybe is you do it the right way but bet there some parts stronger than others and doses are different without even knowing. So for example you might take half a cap well what if it wasnt mixed right and all the good stuff is in the other half that you are now taking all at once yeah sure youll see the results but we want to respect the research. So you could dose exactly what you want, which, that’s why the switch to  liquids because you can take the amount you want, especially with men and women, women need smaller doses than men and capsules, typically come in stronger doses, so it’s a warning to women. You do not need to take the full amount. If Rad140 is sold as a 10 milligram capsule. That’s because they expect men to take one capsule a day, maybe they expect them day to day, way too much for a woman, so you have cut  those in half if not less, If they come in gel capsules guess, take the cover off just twist it off. You can take a little bit of powder you can dump it out, you can pour it in a tincture. You can stir it you can do whatever you want. And you can research less than that for pills so many people don’t understand this simple concept. The cap comes off and it goes back on. You can do this.Break down the research a little bit, and you covered, just because it’s a one pill, you don’t need to research  the whole thing. So if the pill is 20 milligrams of rad140. You do not need to research 20 milligrams of rad140, you can open it up a little bit and seal it again,. There are  pills where I’ve used that four times in a research day, just take a little bit covered it back up over the other half a couple days later I take the pill and that’s plenty,  So that’s why the liquid comes as an advantage. 

They are both just as effective but then there are arguments about sarms caps not effective due to stomach acids and drops are better I must say they are both effective but the dosing is more stable in liquid unless you buy just the powder completely  by itself and break it down now that is was more effective but people want easy and thats why this post is here .

Do the research !